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Weld Tests/ Coded Welder

Need a code for the Job?

Weld tests or Coded welder are becoming an increasingly popular requirement to qualify welders prior to their mobilisation to site. Weld tests can be completed under Kangaroo Training weld procedures, or the employer may choose to supply their own site-specific weld procedures for the candidate to follow. Once the candidate has completed their weld test to the required procedure, the piece is sent off for non-destructive testing. Results are usually received within 2-3 working days.

Weld tests can be completed at a cost of $425 per day for the welding bay hire, plus $275 per weld test being sent off for analysis. Please note that one of the NDT (X-ray, UT, PT, MT) is included in price and additional testing will cost more. Please note that the sourcing of exotic materials, specialised electrodes etc (if required) will incur additional costs.

AWCR Certification

The Australian Welder Certification Register (AWCR) is an initiative of the Weld Australia/ WTIA.

Weld Australia objectives are to:

  • Create welding jobs by increasing the efficiency and profitability of Australian industry and
  • Provide a framework for upskilling Australian welders and improving their employability


The AWCR was developed and is managed by the Welding Technology Institute of Australia. It provides a national framework for qualifying and testing welders to International Standard AS/NZS ISO 9606-1. It:

  • Allows qualified and certified Registered Welders (RW) to be able to work on any site without further testing resulting in a significant cost saving to industry.
  • Provides industry with access to a database of welders with up to date certification and details of their career history.
  • Generates data for a skills gap analysis which will allow the development of a detailed suite of training initiatives to upskill the workforce.
  • Runs on the WeldQ platform; a fully internet enabled cloud-based system with a supporting mobile app.

What are you hiring with welding Test?

Our Trainers
Ask yourself who will be training you, someone who just received a diploma or:

  • Instructors with more than 25 years of welding experience on major construction, oil & gas projects, as well as nationally and internationally.
  • Weld Australia AS1796 Certified Pressure Piping & Equipment Welding Supervisor, AS2214 Structural Welding Supervisor, Weld Australia Approved Examiner, CSWIP 3.1 Level 2 Welding Inspector and accredited instructors as per strict RTO compliance standards.
  • Instructors with experienced in Multi-cultural training
  • Safety conscious trainers with a commitment to helping you reach your objectives

Our Facilities
We encourage applicants to tour welding schools in QLD before deciding where to invest. At Kangaroo Training we take the training environment seriously and guarantee our students access to:

  • State of the art welding equipment
  • State of the art classroom and workshop environment
  • Personal approach to each student
  • Access to latest academic material and industry updates

Our commitment to Equipment and Safety

  • INVERTER HF & Lift Manual Metal Arc / Gas Tungsten Arc Welding Machines
  • Safe Modern building designed for welding courses with features like flash resistant welding screens and excellent lighting.
  • Personal Protective Equipment available for training – Welding Helmet/Jacket/Gloves/Hood

Our flexible training model
Our flexible training model helps you develop and acquire relevant skills aligned with your needs and industry regulations.

  • Flexible one on one and group training with strong emphasis on practical learning and welding theory
  • Emphasis on teaching safety on a practical and theoretical level

The training duration is dependent on each candidate existing competency and ability to learn.


Our Prices

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