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    Why So Many Welding Certification Requirements?

    Mining & Construction programs positions require a vast array of certifications before a welder can first fire up their equipment. These certifications are necessary for a variety of reasons, ranging from safety considerations to quality of work concerns. There is a great deal of regulation in the Mining & Construction sector that govern how work is conducted.

    Available Certifications from the WELD AUSTRALIA

    One of the leading sources of the welding certifications needed for employment in the Mining & Construction program field that is typical one of the certificates that include the Certified Welder.

    Instructions for the Applicant

    This program is available to welders wishing to prequalify for the Mining & Construction program. There are currently three welding procedures you are required to qualify to. They can be viewed in the links below. The welding procedures and positions that are to be welded in the following WPS are:

    1. AS-NZS 2980 2GN18 WQ 3 Year Cycle Steel procedure 1
    2. AS-NZS 2980 3GN18 WQ 3 Year Limit Steel Procedure 2
    3. ISO9606-1 2GN18 WQ 2 Year Cycle Steel Procedure 3
    4. ISO9606-1 2TB16001 Tunnel Boring WQ West Connex Procedure 4
    5. ISO9606-1 3GN17 W Q 3 Year Limit Steel Procedure 5


    Before submitting the completed application form:

    1. Contact our Test Centre to get a quote on costs associated with your chosen weld test. A list of Test Centres is given on the AWCR website. Whilst Weld Australia will endeavour to allocate your qualification test application to our Test Centre, this cannot be guaranteed.
    2. Make sure that your application is complete in all respects including profile with experience and qualifications updated and a current passport style photo. Applications cannot be processed if incomplete or if you do not clearly identify the weld procedure (WPS) code(s) you want to qualify to in the Remarks box.
    3. Nominate the WPS code details you want to qualify to in the Remarks box when submitting this application. Only nominate one code per application. WeldQ will automatically provide the range of qualification upon your certificate of test once you have successfully passed the weld test.


    The fee shown associated with WeldQ is the non-refundable Weld Australia application fee for your Welder Qualification test. An additional application is required for each weld procedure. This fee must be paid in full after you have organised the welding test with our test centre. Where you are entitled to a discount, a discount code will be sent to you prior to completion of the application to be applied at the time of check-out. An additional application is required for each weld procedure. A maximum fee of limit applies for more than 5 applications per program.


    Once the application is received, WeldQ will automatically contact our test centre so arrangements can be made for your weld test. A WeldQ examiner will review your application details and confirm that you have the necessary experience prior to entering your successful test onto the WeldQ system.

    What you need to bring

    You will need to bring proof of identification to your welder qualification test. Suitable documents include your passport, or government issued photo ID with your birth certificate (original or certified copy).

    Personal protective equipment:

    • safety glasses – students must wear these at all times in the workshop or any eye hazard area as specified by the teacher
    • protective footwear – covered uppers, capped toe’s and non-slip shoes to AS2210
    • hand protection – long leather welding gloves to AS2161
    • hair protection – long hair (i.e. hair below collar length) must be restrained (hat, headband, or hair tie) within the workshop environment
    • clothing – overalls or long cotton trousers and a long-sleeved cotton drill shirt are required to be worn at all times when undertaking practical training
    • Welding Shield/ Mask/ Helpmate
    • All other protective equipment
    • Pen, Notebook.

    Students failing to meet these minimum standards of dress will not be permitted entry to practical classes.


    Qualifications obtained under this program are valid for up to 3 years provided that they are reconfirmed every 6 months from the date of testing.


    Must have received training/or industrial practice with the welding process.

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