ISO9606-1 3PE17001


    WQ Pressure Equipment (Tube) 3 Year

    Program Code

    ISO9606-1 3PE17001

    Program Title

    ISO9606-1 – APT 3 Year Pressure Equipment (Tube) Welder Qualification

    Program Type

    Welder Qualification

    Instructions for the Applicant

      •  This program is for welders wishing to qualify as a “Tube Welder” for the Power Generation (Pressure Equipment) Welder Qualification program. Typical applications include butt welds in waterwall, economiser, superheater and reheater tubing and drain lines.
      • On completion, the welder will have demonstrated competence to complete single side, no backing, butt welds using selected filler metal.
      • You are required to qualify to procedures available from APT members. Program details are available from document Prog-PE-APT001 which can be viewed under the Resources tab within WeldQ.
      • WeldQ will automatically provide the range of qualification upon your certificate of test once you have successfully passed the weld test
    1. Before submitting the completed application form:
      • Contact Before submitting the completed application form, please make sure that your profile is complete – including contact details, relevant qualifications and experience, and that a passport size photograph is uploaded. Incomplete applications cannot be processed.
      • The The fee shown associated with WeldQ is the non-refundable WTIA application fee for your Welder Qualification test which must be paid at the time of application. Where you are entitled to a discount, a discount code will be sent to you prior to completion of the application to be applied at the time of check-out. A maximum fee limit applies for more than 5 tests per program.
      • Before submitting the completed application form, please make sure that your application is complete in all respects. Applications cannot be processed if you do not clearly identify the WPS code(s) you want to qualify to in the Remarks box.
    2. Once the application is received, WeldQ will automatically contact your test centre so arrangements can be made for your weld test. A WeldQ examiner will review your application details and confirm that you have the necessary experience prior to entering your successful test onto the WeldQ system.
    3. You will need to bring proof of identification to your welder qualification test. Suitable documents include your passport, or government issued photo ID with your birth certificate (original or certified copy).
      • Qualifications obtained under this program are valid for up to 3 years provided that they are reconfirmed every 6 months from the date of testing. WeldQ will email you a reminder for this. The confirmation can be made by your supervisor and is free of charge.
      • If you do not engage in welding using the process qualified for at least 6 months, or a specific reason exists to question your ability your Qualification will be suspended.


    Must have received training/or industrial practice with the welding process.

    Standard :

    ISO 9606-1:2012

    Member Fee (Incl. GST) :


    Non-Member Fee (Incl. GST) :


    Message for confirmation

    Do you confirm and have records demonstrating that this person has performed welding within the range of qualification to the qualified procedure/process at least once in the past six months?

    A positive confirmation will extend the validity of the qualification for a further six-month period.

    Declaration text

    I confirm that:

    1. I have read and understood the Rules and guidelines noted in this application.
    2. I am able to safely use the welding processes nominated on the WPS including any associated processes, and will correctly apply the appropriate safe work practices throughout the test program.
    3. The information that I have given is true and correct.

    I permit Weld Australia to disclose my exam pass/fail results to my employer or any person/company that I am contracted to or seeking to be employed by or contracted to.

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